Summer 2012 (648)

It is true I love sharing flavors, am crazy about discovering new and delicious combinations, and appreciate good company and conversation in a atmosphere of good food that I want to open a cafe, but these are not the only reasons I want to open a cafe. I want to create a space where I can open up my passion for sharing culture. My ultimate goal and mission of my cafe/bar is to spread cultural awareness. I hope to open up the eyes of all who come to the wonderful, mysterious and unexpected or hidden flavors of around the world.  I want people to be able to experience and understand a little bit more about the world around them just by eating at my cafe. With a passion to promoting peaceful global relations,  I aspire to provoke people to try something new, learn something unexpected and gain an appreciation for a country they never new or associated with good food. Cultural awareness is vital to promoting a progressive and peaceful world. My cafe will be a hub of cultural exposure.  


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