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Out of the Dorms and off to Brazil

Blog 1

Well, I made it to Brazil.
Once I was off campus everything seemed to work out smoothly.
Leading up to this, though, was quite a trial..
Monday I was homesick
Tuesday I was excited
Wednesday all I wanted to do was get out of there and start my adventure!…
but it was’t met to be.> instead I ended up missing my first ride to Denver, losing a favorite shoe (mistook for part of the junk that filled Mathias), stepping on glass looking for said shoe (in the dumpster in the rain) and of course getting some smack talk and the stink eye from Taja for still being in Mathias after 3pm.
Then to top it all off, running into far too many complications at the storage unit** which ultimately left me unable to get in the unit and having to stay another 24 hours in the very place I so desperately wanted to get out of.
I was an emotional wreck

but a lighthearted conversation with a Brazilian friend, some cookies, quality time with Nina Friedman, and a delicious 9 hour sleep in fleece pajamas had me feeling stronger and prepared to tackle the following day.

Now in Brazil, with 16 hours of flying behind me, a good meal in belly and awesome friend (and his family) to stay with I am more excited than ever, and happy, to be here!!

May 18 2014 Domingo

**my storage unit buddies took off without leaving me a key etc.

         Words Learned
  • sorria, praia   = smile, beach –> from signs on the road
  • passado, branco, leite = past, white, milk –> from the plain ride
  • como foi = how did it go
  • medo, vem, sair, cade, pra ca e pra la –> fear, come, to leave, where, by this way and by that way –> from a childrens book
  • a conta, por favor = the check please –> at a cafe
Recife, from outside the window of my friend's home

Recife, from outside the window of my friend’s home


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