Here Is Some History

Like I said, I have wanted to open the “blue zebra cafe” for as long as I can remember. I think it was around third grade when I had my first plans for the cafe. Those plans however had developed and changed significantly since then. My initial idea for the cafe (despite the zebra title) was to serve dog and revolve around the K-9 species rather than humans. Something like the scene in  Lady and the Tramp, when the cook feeds them a spagetti dinner, was what I had in mind. Those fantasies held up for quite a while through of my elementry years. I  later decided, though, that this idea was near to impossible, and modified my plans. I decided the cafe would be, in fact, a people restaurant but dogs were more than welcomed inside; there would even be a separate menu for dogs. From this dream I derived another, wanting a cozy dog shelter/hotel for when the owners were away. I called it the Blue Collar Inn. Soon enough decided against that fantasy as well; although, the idea’s of a hotel or inn have still stayed with me, resting in the back of my mind and always looking for an opportunity to present itself in my future plans.
After a few years in middle school, and the beginning of my high school career, my visions of the cafe changed drastically. Except having a bowl of water outside and some dog biscuits at the counter,the cafe of these years would have nothing to do with dogs…


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