The menu is not created yet, but I’ve got lots of ideas, which I have started to post, i posted the first dish today! Anything you’d like us to serve? Any ideas, or recipes?

thanks to huntergirl for the lovely image!

Many Veggie Enchilada-

This is the first entree i am putting on this website, I have many more ideas written down in a book but not on this blog. Clara Reid and I made these this evening and they turned out very superbly!  They were approved with complements by Morag MacNicol (a Scottish grandmother) and  Kirsten Reid (a British mother) who are both very good cooks with high standards.

The enchiladas have many veggies and no meats, but there is still a good source of protein within this meal. Made with healthy but tasty whole wheat tortillas!

a good side for this meal is sparkling lemonade and fruit salad.


3 responses to “Menu

  • bluezebracafe

    this isn’t the only food item have in mind. I am just not as confident with my other meals to posts, also I am to busy to write them all up

  • Saskia

    I never knew you had this website Waya!! It looks really great. Some day we will have this cafe together! We should bake together soon so that we can add more recipes.

    • bluezebracafe

      Thanks Saskia!
      Yeah I really should put some more things up on the menu, I just haven’t been cooking much.. i did make this pasta one time with an oil based sauce, I think it was decent, my mom liked it at least.
      But yes we should bake more, because I’m not a very good baker, we should make some thumb print cookies I love those ones!

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