Napkin Notes

My Restaurant Reviews

I have spent time traveling throughout South and Central America, Africa and Europe, including the food famous France, and thus feel adequately prepared to take up the role of restaurant reviewer, considering myself to have a developed plate and to have experience a variety of eateries.

Although I do admit to not know much about the science of food, being quite a foodie–really into what I eat –I am usually apt to identifying qualities in food, and determining what is truly good food.

I can  usually tell who’s exotic flavors mix well, which food just has a bit too much salt, or where the frying of french fries has been mastered, and what it takes to facilitate the most charming service.

That being said, my reviews stay mostly positive, for my love for food is so much that  I rarely find something that is truly below my standards. Standard that are relative to the  quality and target (of service) of the restaurant.

Enough talking, lets get on with reviewing.
Hope these reviews help 🙂

5 responses to “Napkin Notes

  • bluezebracafe

    Today I went to a little hot dog place in Seattle called Po Dog, it was a nicely arranged with fun wall paper and good service. It has a very creative menu, and the hot dogs have a much healthier “feel” than your average hot dog. I thought their fries were very good, they were the right about of thickness and not to heavily salted; they were also not too crisp and crunchy but not too soft and mushy. Po Dog is very kid friendly… as long as they are at least a little adventurous.

  • Papi

    The “Danger Dog,” which is wrapped in bacon and deep fried, may not be all that much healthier than your average hot dog . . . but sure is tasty 🙂

  • ClaraYUMYUM

    i love Po dog! Its like an exposion in my tummy! 😀 yum yummmm but not as good as aurelia’s home cookin


    I went to this place called the sheraton hotel in chicago yesterday, and they had this place called Lb’s with a world famous chef who cooked the best fried spicy chicken in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

  • bluezebracafe

    The other weekend I went to a place in Bellingham called The Copper Hog. I have to admit it was quite tasty, the food was well cooked and had good mix of flavors. The servings were pretty big, and the meals pretty heavy… but finishable. If your looking for a tasssty, filling meal for breakfast or lunch, and don;t mind a few extra calories this is the place to be.

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